We verify all types of documents that can safeguard you and your organization from fraud. provides Document verification by Forensic experts...
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Are you confused? Whether to opt forensics or not? So, don’t be stressed out, we are here to solve your doubts and give your proper consultation...
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The exercise of fake degrees and certificates has been going on since antiquity. We verify all kind of certificates by using various methods, principles, and modern techniques...
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We analyze personality traits by analyzing handwriting of an individual. Our trained forensic graphologist will analyze handwriting, signature and other handwritten scripts...
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Forensic Rashmi has highly experienced and professionally trained medico-legal experts who consult on various medico-legal issues...
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Fingerprints are the most crucial evidence we found in crime scenes. The fingerprint is used to find out the personal identifications & mostly used as evidence in criminal as well as...
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Signature is also unique as fingerprint, DNA. No two signature is same there should always be some natural variation with signature as well as handwriting...
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Nowadays, people are looking for trustworthy private investigators. We give you the best efforts to solve the case as a private investigator...
Learn More is providing Forensics Handwriting examination, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Analysis and also documents analysis for public and private sector clients...
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The word Forensic refers to ‘Law’. In Latin word Forensic means ‘Forum’. It is the science and application of sciences which matters in the court of Law. Forensic Science means using science in solving legal cases or criminal acts. The Forensic Scientist helps to solve the crimes through the analysis of physical evidences found at crime scene. The evidences found at victims body and the culprit body. Then both the evidences are compared to find the relation between the victim and culprit. This helps in solving the case.

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Main Branches of Forensic Science

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