Basic definition

“Forensic Science is an application of the principles and techniques of the physical and natural science to the analysis of many types of evidence for the purpose of court or law.”

Forensic Science also defined as a science pertaining to law, the branch used as criminal investigation and finding of the culprit. It is the application of civil and criminal laws that are enforced by police personnel in the criminal justice system.

It can also be defined as the scientific discipline which is directed to the recognition, identification, individualization, and evaluation of physical evidence through the application of principles and methods of natural sciences for the purpose of administration in criminal justice.

Forensic also known as “Public Science” or “Criminalistics” in America, in France, it is known as “Criminalistique” whereas in Germany it is known as “Kriminalistik”.

However, the broadest definition of Forensic Science is, “The application of science in a court of law”.  It also means that evidence analyzed, collected, preserved, and utilized in a court of law to provide justice to the innocent and punishment to the criminal.

Therefore, the simplest definition of forensic science is any science used within the criminal justice system. This is the simplest form of definition to understand forensic science. Crime scene investigators and lab technicians use specialized skills and tools to collect, analyze, and present evidence in order to solve a crime or successfully convict the offender.

Forensic Scientist is often called to give Expert opinion in front of the Court of Law. The collected pieces of evidence are also represented in front of the court of law.

The increased use of scientific methods to collect and examine the evidence which leads to the closure of criminal cases that could not be solved yet. Forensic science can be used to prove elements of a crime, verify or discredit victim or suspect statements, identify decedents or suspects, establish a connection to a crime or crime scene.