Forensic Certificate Verification


The exercise of fake degrees and certificates has been going on since antiquity. It is a worldwide problem. They ensure the safe way during immigration, employment, promotion, and professional recognition. Fake degrees have become a marketable tool. Since it is difficult to earn as they are brought. provides certificate verification by Forensic Experts. verifies all kinds of certificates by using various methods, principles, and modern techniques.
Services provides:

1. Verification of Birth Certificates
2. Verification of Mark sheets of Schools
3. Verification of Mark sheets of Colleges
4. Verification of Passing Out Certificates
5. Verification of Migration Certificates
6. Verification of Caste Certificates
7. Verification of Death Certificate
8. Verification of Provisional of Schools and Colleges
9. Verification of experience certificates

We have a team of experts who have experience in this area. We check the spelling, security features, signatures, and other common errors in fake certificates.

Then we check the accreditation. Whether the university is an authentic one? As many degrees and certificates have stamps, holograms, or watermarks which are not genuine. We at ForensicRashmi also verify these which a layman cannot differentiate.

For every organization, it is very important to get the certificates checked as well as verified by Forensic experts. Most people try to forge the certificate for their benefit.

We can verify the history, records, and any degree and certificates checked and verified at a reasonable cost. Our results are accurate and fast.

Fake certificates are common and cannot be assessed by a common man. At once they seem to be authentic to the interviewer. Verifying each credential becomes difficult, expensive, and even time-consuming. With the experience of years and expertise in certificate verification, we can understand the detail of working with universities and other institutions.


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