Forensic Consultation


Are you confused? Whether to opt for forensics or not. So, don’t be stressed out we at Forensic Rashmi are here to solve your doubts and give your proper consultation related to forensic and career.

If you want to build a career in forensics, but can’t get proper guidance. Then, don’t think so much, we at Forensic Rashmi give you proper guidance and field which is best suited for you.

Forensic Rashmi also offers:

  • Forensic consultation on murder and suicide cases
  • Forensic consultation on false rape allegation cases
  • Domestic violence and assault cases
  • Consultation on property dispute cases
  • Consultation of forge document examination and handwriting verification
  • Consultation for biological evidence
  • Signature cases

We provide full consultation related to forensic. If one single question is hampering you then feel free to contact us. Forensic Rashmi is here to solve every doubt related to forensic cases, a career in forensic, college or university selection, and many other.


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