Forensic Document Examination


We verify all types of documents that can safeguard you and your organization from fraud. provides Document verification by Forensic experts. We provide you the insight you can rely on.

We can verify documents such as employee documents, passports, agreements, licenses, identity cards, pan cards, or any document to check their authenticity.

Our team of experts scrutinizes each document. A document is an important part of any process.

The document that is verified is:
1. Birth Certificate
2. License
3. Passports
4. Adhaar Cards
5. Change of names
6. Sale deeds
7. Property documents
8. Citizenship document
9. Medical cards
10. Visas
11. Marriage certificates
12. Contracts
13. Money receipts
14. Receipts

Once the document is verified, you’ll have a clear picture of the situation and can take further steps. We provide you solutions and give time-saving and cost-effective services.

We are not a database. We respect your privacy and do not save any information. Once the check has been completed we don’t retain the information. The documents are checked with the records of the issuing agency. The communication pathway is secure.

We also verify many degrees and certificates incorporate stamps, holograms, or watermarks. Our other services like signature verification, certificate verification, and photograph verification will aid this service. verify all documents using the latest techniques.

For any organization, it is very important to get the document checked and verified. Many people try to forge the document because of the percentage, additional degrees which are required for the job, age limit, property dispute.


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