Forensic Fingerprint Development and Examination


Fingerprints are the most crucial evidence we found in crime scenes. The fingerprint is used to find out the personal identifications and they are mostly used as evidence in criminal cases as well as dispute cases.

Fingerprints might be present at any object in any form in the crime scene which is not visible to naked eyes. Identifying fingerprints may require optical, physical, and chemical techniques.

With Forensic Rashmi’s expert team will develop and examine the fingerprint and provide the best results.

Forensic Rashmi provides fingerprint development and verification services for various purposes such as:

  • Lifting fingerprints from the crime scene
  • Comparison of fingerprints
  • Development of latent fingerprints from documents
  • Taking samples for identification of unknown persons or deceased persons
  • Development of fingerprints from surfaces such as glass, wooden, plastic.
  • Identify whether the fingerprint is taken after death or not.
  • Detection of bank forgeries. offers fingerprint examinations to police officials, lawyers, corporate, MNC and institutions for various purposes.  


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