Forensic Graphologist


We analyze personality traits by analyzing the handwriting of an individual. Forensic Rashmi trained forensic graphologist will analyze handwriting, signature, and other handwritten scripts such as suicidal notes, ransom letters, blackmailing letters, and many more. We analyze this to find out the personality, behavior, and mentality assessment of an individual.

Our Forensic Rashmi experts team of Graphologists study all graphic movements of individuals and analyze physiological and psychological functions which are revealed through their handwriting.

Our Forensic Graphologist services include:

  • Personality assessment
  • Behavior assessment of corporate in the office
  • Understanding the thought process of a child
  • To prove Will that has been maliciously altered.
  • To ascertain whether a person has intentionally disguised his handwriting.
  • To discover a person’s true identity.

Graphologist plays a vital role in identifying the person’s core behavior. Through this, you can understand, whether the person is genuine or disguise his behavior to save himself from an act.

So, try Graphology with Forensic Rashmi and get the best and appropriate results.


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