Forensic Handwriting Examination is providing Forensics Handwriting examination, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Analysis, and also documents analysis for public and private sector clients.

We worked at the advanced level of the fact that no two writers have identical features in handwriting and have variations in each handwriting.

Handwriting analysis helps to solve cases of fraud, forgery, alteration, ransom notes, and forged cheques. Our experts compare the handwriting including signatures, initials, and numerals.

We have a variety of tests available for the Handwriting Examination:

1. Signature Analysis
2. Document Alteration Analysis
3. Loan Application Analysis
4. Cheque Analysis
5. Will Analysis
6. Counterfeiting
7. Extortion Notes Analysis
8. Edited Document
9. Document Analysis
10. Stamp Analysis
11. Handwriting Analysis
12. Forged Document Analysis
13. Legal Document Analysis
14. Suicide Note Analysis
15. Addition made to Document

We answered every question that could not be answered by others. ForensicRashmi along with the team make sure that science is put to use to help humanity.


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