In 1849 –

The first chemical examination laboratory was established in Chennai.  Then Madras Presidency under the department of health followed a similar laboratory at Calcutta now known as Kolkata (1853), Agra in 1864, and Bombay now known as Mumbai in 1870.

In 1892 –

Anthropometric Bureau, which adapting the Bertillon’s System was established at Calcutta, now known as Kolkata.

In 1897 –

Indian Police Officers were Khan Bahadur, Aziz – Ul Haq and Rai Bahadur Hem Chandra evolved the fingerprint classification system and the first fingerprint bureau of the world was also established in Calcutta.

In 1898 –

The first department of Forensic explosive was established in Nagpur.

In 1905 –

The First Central Fingerprint Bureau (CFB) was established in Shimla.

In 1906 –

The Government Handwriting expert is re-designated as Government Examiner of Questioned Documents. The office shifted to Shimla. The first office build in Bengal then it shifted to Shimla.

In 1910 –

The government of India has first appointed Imperial Serologist.

In 1915 –

The Footprint section was established under CID, the Government of Bengal.

In 1917 –

The note forgery section was established under CID, the Government of Bengal.

In 1922 –

The Central Fingerprint Bureau was abolished.

In 1930 –

A ballistic laboratory was established in Calcutta.

In 1935 –

A forensic Science laboratory was established in Lahore.

In 1952 –

The first state Forensic Science Laboratory was established in Calcutta by the Government of West Bengal.

In 1955 –

Central Fingerprint Bureau was restarted under Intelligence Bureau.

In 1957 –

First Central Forensic Science Laboratory was established.

In 1961 –

Forensic Laboratory (Lahore) was shifted to Chandigarh and it was named as Central Forensic Science Laboratory in 1978.

In 1965 –

The Central Forensic Science Laboratory was established in Hyderabad.

In 1986 –

The administrative control of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was shifted to National Crime Record Bureau, Delhi.

In 1998 –

DNA Typing was shifted to Calcutta.

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