Forensic Signature Verification


A signature is also unique as a fingerprint, DNA. No two signature is same there should always be some natural variation with signature as well as handwriting.

A signed document is the representation of consent to agree with the document. Signature has mostly contained the features of one’s handwriting. Actually, it’s an extension of handwriting.

Forensic Rashmi experts identify these formations and clarify them as genuine and fraudulent signatures. We check and prove the authenticity of the signature. Even with we detect and analyze the forgery in signatures.

Forgery is considered a crime. We understand signature may be valid but the manner in which it has been acquired might be fraudulent. Experts at Forensic Rashmi use the latest and most sophisticated methods of signature verifications to come up with a genuine result.

An accused may even try to rewrite and fix up some mistakes. The Forensic Rashmi team can differentiate between the signatures of an aged writer as they show similar traits. Even forgery cases can also be solved when the person denies his own signature. Here we discuss types of Signature Forgery.

  1. Normal forgery
  2. Simulation
  3. Tracing

So, don’t be stressed out. Just hire our experts and solve the case with ease.


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